WeLCOME to STARSEED ENTERtainment group


Starseed Entertainment Group is a non-profit organization that oversees various clubs, DJ's, entertainment, radio stations, and live-stream broadcasts that are under Starseed Productions in IMVU, Sansar, and other endeavors in the real world.


News, information and updates for our projects, clubs, stations and events will be posted here.


Furthermore, this organization has been put together as an umbrella organization to provide services, aid, information, and assistance to entertainers inside and outside of IMVU.  As things progress for the future, we hope to be able to help or give meaningful support on a lot of different aspects of promotion and entertainment within IMVU, as well as other 3rd-party online sources, including technical support, as well as provide a possible interface directly with those on staff at Together Labs in Redwood City California.


Starseed Entertainment Group is comprised of:

Jesse Li Starseed - Owner

Jefferson Starseed - Advisor/Consultant/Technical



We're still in the process of developing our website


We will be expanding the site when time allows with lots more information, updates, and media.

Currently, our site is home to the independent radio broadcasting stations for DJ's Jesse Li Starseed and Captain Kaos.

We encourage you to visit the station pages and enjoy their music, content, and live-streams.