Welcome to Captain Kaos Rock Radio! .........Kaos and the IMVU DJ Community hosts "MONDAY MADNESS" ..........a live DJ event taking place on every Monday night from 4:00 to 10:00 PM CST and beyond ..........make sure to stop in our live clubroom or beach and ROCK OUT with us!!!!


METAL MUSIC from the 70's, 80's, 90's, NEW METAL, CORE, GOTH.      Come Rock with us at Captain Kaos Radio.  We aim to have a good time here always, to give you a blood-pumping attitude and leave you "energized".  So tune in, get Blasted and have some fun! 420 friendly, ...LET'S ROCK OUT!  Bands like Judas Priest, Tool, Aerosmith, Prong, Texas Hippie Coalition, Bush, Scorpions, Fight, and everything ROCK!      DJ Captain Kaos is here to ROCK your world and does it right!

Be sure to check out the remainder of this page for Photos, Videos, Announcements and a place to post your Comments.

Captain Kaos is an independent freelance DJ artist in IMVU and is affiliated with Kaos Inc.  Kaos also can be found on the roster for various events and festivals throughout IMVU.  Captain Kaos Rock Radio is brought to you by Starseed Entertainment Group, which also has a "virtual presence" (public room) in IMVU.  Stop by and visit our facilities!                                    Player Tips:

Crank the volume slider to the right up to:  75 to 85%                         Leave player at 'Default' for Best Quality stream  192kbps OPUS    Those on Apple/iPad/iOS and Android should select  128kbps AAC+ (click on the player's gray format bar)

Platform self-hosted & powered by "Azuracast"

( the "TURBO-CHARGED"  muscle-car  of online web radio )

How To Sign-Up for Monday Madness

Follow the Pictorial Instructions below, which will show you how to go from the IMVU NEXT Website to the Monday Madness IMVU Group Page.  It also shows you how to "Join" the Group, as well as how to go to the Monday Madness "Schedule" Discussion Post, and (finally) how to create a reply post to request a date and time slot for when you would like to DJ for Monday Madness.

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MONDAY MADNESS is an advertised weekly Event in IMVU that happens every Monday evening.  It is hosted by Captain Kaos (1kaos), and events are held in custom-designed clubs or beach room settings.  Come out and party with us, and have a great time!  Monday Madness started in April of 2023 and since then, it has attracted a significant part of the DJ Community in IMVU.  Our DJ's primarily perform hard rock, classic rock, and metal music.

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Captain Kaos
3 months ago

Another Monday Madness huge night on tap, 28 or more maybe came through the door, what a huge success last night

4 months ago

Lovin it !!!

4 months ago

Congrats on the new station brotha!! On to bigger and better things. Out with the old in with the new my friend. Ill be beside sis jamming like a mfkr bro..... Biggest fan #2

4 months ago

wow love this new radio, sounds are are lot clearer and cleaner well done jessie and ty for all the help u gave kaos, kaos congratts on the new station looking forward to hearing a set from you on it, Monday madness rocks if you like music and good company deffo get ur butt in on mondays :)

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