Published on 25 February 2024 at 08:45

It's nice to have a real radio station that freakin' WORKS!  Thank you Jesse.


Remembering the past, I gave the finger to for unrightfully disabling me in 2021.  Yeah, some platforms seem to forget that even if their service is free, we're still a customer with potential to upgrade and pay.  Unfortunately their too busy punishing people for making an honest mistake, like accidentally setting my streaming format to 192kbps MP3 just once.  Screw Caster!


I got a better station after that.  DJ Gizmo introduced to everyone at C4.  It was great because it had an AutoDJ, and I didn't have to turn the fricken' radio server on and off anymore.  All I had to do was connect.  I never had any problems with it, and it's still my backup.


Howeverrrrrrr, they screwed-over my friend Jesse, so she made her own station and then invited me over for the ride and showed me how to make my own radio server.  Now I'm happy to have an even better station, my own platform that I own and control, and it sounds great.  I'm streaming at 192kbps or any other format or kbps that I want to.  What the hell you gonna do about it NOW Caster?  LOL