Welcome to Starseed Radio! ...............We're glad you're here. ...............Click on the play button and ENJOY the awesome tunes! ...............don't forget to check out the pics, videos, blog posts, and links below (scroll-down). ...............UPCOMING: Jesse will be Live at MONDAY MADNESS in IMVU, Monday August 5th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM CST


Your Station in IMVU for a mixture of Hard Rock, EDM, and R&B!
...with DJ Jesse Li Starseed at the helm, bringing you an assortment of great intense music.  ...so sit back, and enjoy!  My goal is to "entertain" (not put you to sleep, ...lol).

I do live sets in virtual club rooms in the IMVU 3D universe, and I encourage everyone (if you haven't already) to go to IMVU.com, make an avatar (a 3D personna) for yourself, and come in and Join the Party!

Be sure to check out the remainder of this radio page for Photos, Videos, Announcements, as well as a place to post your Comments.

Jesse currently endorses Sanctuary International, and works with Monday Madness and C4 Rock Clubs!

Jesse Li Starseed is an independent freelance DJ artist and musician in IMVU and is affiliated exclusively with the Starseed Entertainment Group, which also has a "virtual presence" (public room) in IMVU. Stop by and visit our facilities!  Jesse also can be found on the roster for various events throughout IMVU and Sansar.

Player Tips:

Set the volume control slider to the right up to:  75 to 85%                Leave player at 'Default' for Best Quality stream  256kbps OPUS    Those on Apple/iPad/iOS and Android should select  192kbps AAC  (click on the little gray "format" bar on the player)

Radio Platform self-hosted & powered by "Azuracast".

( It's like Caster.fm   .....ON "STEROIDS" )

The Lighting Project

There is a concept which has been explored very little in IMVU (and other virtual worlds).  I'm referring to none other than the creation and importation of really good quality lighting and effects for virtual rooms and venues.  However, there's hope on the horizon....

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The Starseed Hard Rock Emporium

Say "hello" to the Starseed Hard Rock Emporium.  For those who have never seen my club, you should stop in sometime and check it out.  It's not your standard club and a lot of strange & unique work went into making it to look just like an authentic hard rock venue with all the extras.

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Elena Li Starseed
5 months ago

YAY! You DID it! Awesome!

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