Thank you Lord Jesus

Published on 12 February 2024 at 01:43

Thank you for everything, every day!

  • Thank you for what you did on the cross for all humanity.
  • Thank you for Eternal Life, that you gave as a gift to all who believe in you and what you have done for them.
  • Thank you for truth, and keeping it simple.

       (...not 'complicated', like 90% of Christianity makes it out to be)

  • Thank you for your providence, that extends to everyone, and not just to those who know you, love and believe in you.
  • Thank you for putting up with all my bullcrap, and for being patient with me, ...and all of us.
  • Thank you for watching over and protecting me, even when I strayed and ran far away from you and made some 'really extremely very bad stupid' decisions in the course of my life.  I should be dead right now, but for some reason, ...I'm still alive.
  • Thank you for IMVU, and all my friends and family in there.
  • Thank you for this radio station, another day, and another opportunity to rest in who you are, and to Live....





....this has nothing to with being "religious".   When I was young, I had a very bad experience (2 years) in a very strict militant ultra-conservative 'so-called' "church and christian school", and it screwed me up in the head for most of my life (mostly, running away from it).  Sadly, the simple truth of our Creator, Jesus, and the "good news" has been subtly and severely "distorted" to point that I'd say most people really DO think Christianity is a big joke, a cult, a culture-shock, and a threat to freedom-of-choice and modern society.  You don't want to know the abuse I've been through and experienced.  Why do I feel like this?

Because the majority of those who claim to be Christian, ...don't really believe in His name or solely trust on what HE did on the cross.  They have been brainwashed into believing that (quote-unquote) "salvation" and peace-of-mind or reconcillience with their Maker can only come from themselves or their "own" efforts ('Jesus + this', ...'Jesus + that').  No thanks to false teachers, the Good News has been turned into "bad news", with no hope, doubt, and uncertainty, causing people to become self-righteous, or live in perpetual fear, stress and anxiety, or ...walk away entirely, or "escape" using various means, or (worse) ...choosing to end their own lives.  I'm not kidding or exaggerating here, and I've endured first-hand experience and am a witness-to and a victim, as well as multitudes of others who have either been shunned, left behind, and left to rot and "die".  It's a very deep black spiritual pit.  I wonder what God Himself thinks of all this?


The terms 'Grace' and 'Faith' have been re-defined by the world to mean what "they" want it to mean, where Eternal Life is no longer a "Gift" by Grace through faith (believing), but by faith in-and-of it's own self ...'faith in Jesus PLUS in your own performance' with the true meaning and concept of God's "grace" basically thrown into the toilet by most churches and ministries.


The other deceitful tactic that false christianity uses is they claim that "everyone lives forever" after they pass and you either choose peace in Heaven or burning in torment 'forever' in Hell.  ...if that's the case, maybe it would have been better never to be born at all.  The correction (and scripture declares) is, ...the choice is between "LIFE" and "DEATH".  The main gift God gives humanity (and had to Himself die for) is "ETERNAL LIFE", and not just in Heaven, but here LATER ON THIS EARTH too.  You have to get religion out of your head, culture, societies, and GO BACK to the 'beginning', before the flood, before the antidiluvian age know and understand how everything started and how it relates to right now, as well as the future, ...back to the first 6 chapters of Genesis.... understand the reason we're "Not" supposed to be dealing with certain aspects of what we know or think of as the 'spiritual', as well as the building-blocks of not only biological life (DNA), but also particle physics and the construct of LIGHT ITSELF.  When God said "Let there be Light", He wasn't just talking about visible light, He was talking about the whole spectrum, ...frequency, what we know as 'matter' and MORE.  Also, understand the lies we've all been fed by scientism about our origins and the world we live in and experience over the past 500 years (cosmology), which according to scripture is a LOT different than what is taught to everyone.  Most people can't get past "Day 2" of the Creation and actually "believe" it.  The end is declared from the beginning, and history always has a way of repeating itself. well as to understand the very first most sacred institutions and "models" from the very beginning:  the birth and life of a person, the family unit (parents and children), of love, and from this ...the concept of marriage, bonding, and ...our relationships with one another as social creatures.


The whole world teaches morality and some sort of "law", ...whether Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Luciferian, by Nation and Culture.  That's not the issue.  Should each of us do what is right out of selfless love, and to protect and preserve?  Of course we should.  But we also know that no one is perfect.  We also see the result of imperfection and even outright evil in this world.  We know that every decision we make and choose has 'consequences', not for only ourselves, but others.  We also know (in a bigger-picture sense), the same rain falls on the both the just and the unjust, both good and bad stuff.  Some of it is really bad.  Some things there are seemingly no answers for.  Bottom line, the law is in effect right now in this world.  All of us, and our world, "reap what we all sow", whether back on our own selves or by things affecting others around us.  No one can dispute that.


What I do see, however, is the subtle way the world has either changed the "character" and person of God into a mean, stern, uncaring, controlling power-monger genocidal megalomaniac that everyone either hates, is indifferent towards, is afraid of or runs away from, tries not to think about, or ...they've convinced  people that He really doesn't exist.

...but Jesus said "I and my Father are One", "if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father".  We see the character and person of God by looking at Jesus Himself, who when asked and questioned whether He was the messiah the Son of God by His accusers, He replied, .........."I AM" (the name of God) ...and He was put to death for it.

The END GAME of the enemy is to get people to either hate, reject, deny, run-away or flee from God their Creator.  It not about morality, how good you think you supposedly are or think you have to be.  It's "always" been about His GRACE and your relationship and connection with Him, whether you accept or reject Him and ...what He has done for you to reconcile you to Himself.


..but the best news of the good news is that:


...and was seen by over 500 witnesses, before He ascended back to Heaven, ...and scripture also declares He's coming back.

(now do you understand what Eternal Life is?  He showed us what's going to happen in the future)


Everyone has a "belief" in something (a god, a philosophy, scientism, an ideology, etc.), along with it's corresponding doctrine or way-of-thought, and ultimately affects your decisions, what you think, and what you do in life.  Everyone has the "freedom" to choose what they want to believe.  From my standpoint, it's your God-given right, and He gives everyone that freedom and choice, He never wanted a bunch of "robots".  Freedom is a gift too, you know., and love and acceptance are a "choice".

However, for myself, I choose to believe the simplicity of what is called the "Good News", the evidence of my own eyes, senses, simplicity, research, the consistency & consilience of the scriptural & historical record,  and what my heart tells me.  Could it be that, maybe ...the true 'intelligent designer' of all things has already revealed Himself and who He really is, and has already come as scripture has declared, one of us for a specific purpose, now fulfilled?

Choose this day to LIVE!  It's a free gift from your Creator.  He's already paid the cost of it while on this earth, and it's available by believing and receiving Him, ...not by rejecting Him.

He is GOD the CREATOR OF ALL THINGS, ....the only WAY, ...the only TRUTH, ...and