The Starseed Hard Rock Emporium

Published on 12 February 2024 at 03:02

Say "hello" to the Starseed Hard Rock Emporium.  For those who have never seen my club, you should stop in sometime and check it out.  It's not your standard club and a lot of strange & unique work went into making it to look just like an authentic hard rock venue with all the extras.

It features a lot of dance poses and other pose-spots throughout the club, a live band performing on-stage, along with an extra set of instruments for anyone to go onstage and join in as a performing musician.

The club also features a large detailed sound and lighting board-console area in the back of the club, flight cases, Marshall amps, Pearl drums, Roland keys, and  a realistic looking brand-name PA sound system featuring Cerwin-Vega speakers & subwoofer cabinets.

However, the biggest piece that was worked on was the stage-lighting.  A lot of time went into looking for good quality animated lights in the IMVU shop, and even more time spent in positioning and placing them on-stage on the room.

The club is one of my Starseed family's official club rooms, is run and operated by Starseed Entertainment Group to be used for live DJ events, as well as a "host" room used by other outside non-affiliated clubs and events.


After that is successful, I plan on resuming doing some sets for my friend Captain Kaos' and the DJ community's "Monday Madness".  I'm still limited on my time and my health is not so great, but I definitely plan on being back as a DJ.

I know that there are great things in store for the C4 Rock Clubs as well, owned by my friend Luna Stone.  Too much planning and tons of work have already gone into it with many things still ready and waiting (silently colllecting dust, so-to-speak).  It's already resurrecting, and I suspect no one is going to be prepared for what's coming.  I'm proud to know Luna and to be a part of C4's legacy, it's evolution, and it's future.