The Lighting Project

Published on 25 February 2024 at 16:55

There is a concept which has been explored very little in IMVU (and other virtual worlds).  I'm referring to none other than the creation and importation of really good quality lighting and effects for rooms and venues.  However, there's hope on the horizon....

....imagine not just buying a 'standard' animated or multi-light bar that one of IMVU's creators created.  These are "great" of course.  Unfortunately, good ones are hard to find in the IMVU shop, but there are some good ones out there.  I contructed Starseed Hard Rock Emporium out of these, and so have lots of other people......

Now let's take this to next level.  ....a whole light show created in another software "outside" of IMVU specifically made for making virtual stage lighting (such as Capture 2023, Chromateq, L8ce).  A very realistic looking one, which then CAN be imported into Blender or Unreal Engine, then made (created) into a very special item to put into IMVU, and subsequently, ...a room.


A light show that is "controllable with advanced triggers or (even better) ..."direct control" from a light control board.  Sound impossible?


These videos here will wet your whistle, ...hehe.  On the left, a virtual light show designed with "Capture 2023".  On the right, one designed with "L8ce".  Check this out:

What you see above is already being done in 3DVR headset virtual worlds by professional DJ's who give shows in those worlds.  ...and the lights are being sync'd to the 'beat' and real-time controlled by a professional light board controller, like above.  ....makes you wonder how they do it.

Okay I realize the above examples are "extreme".  Yeah, and I "know" IMVU is kind of a "closed-off" system platform (from outside control), ....and (of course) the limitations on the kb's with this in a room.  ....but it's still nice to "Dream".  What are your thoughts on this?  ...think just a "sliver" of this is possible?  Comments are open below for this one:


Last thing.  For any creator out there who wants to try and experiment with this, Capture ( makes a "free" Student Edition, along with one available 'Student Edition' template, which would give one what they need for anything that would work on IMVU.  Capture let's you design a light-show from already created & designed lights, fixtures, and trusses which are then easily imported into Blender.



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